Jmash Web Solutions

Responsive Website Design

New websites using responsive design techniques. Todays design requirement for any business that has mobile visitors to their site. When viewed on a small screen device your website automatically resizes, shuffling the content around to display correctly.

Web Management Services

Some business owners just don’t have the time to take care of the online side of their business. We have a task management system in place making it quick and easy for clients to request changes, or create tasks that they would like us to perform.

Mobile Website Design

Fast mobile-optimised websites for businesses as an add-on for mobile device users. These websites offer mobile only content and help reduce the bounce rate of mobile users. It also coincide with a clients main website with automatic redirection between the two.

Website Makeovers

Taking your old website, we sort thru what is relative to your current business model and what is out dated. We then restructure the content and redesign the site using responsive design and social elements to help customers better interact with your business.